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United States Mint National Commemorative Medals as classifed by Turner & Dean
So-Called Dollars as classifed by Hibler-Kappen 2nd Edition- Updated by Hoffman, Brecher, Hayes & Dean
A widely varied assortment of medals - A "must see" for the true medal collector!
SPECIAL Medal Sets - Most very difficult to locate!!  A MUST SEE!!!
NOTE:  I have many items yet to add in the future, this is just the beginning as I narrow down my personal collection.  Check back often for new additions.  I will make additions as time permits.  If you have something in particular (primarily US Medals) you are interested in, please send me an email inquiry at .  Some of the items I will be adding in the near future are World's Columbian Exposition Medals, Catalogged by EGLIT, Lincoln Medals, Catalogged by KING, Washington Medals, Catalogged by BAKER and more miscellaneous medals.

Please view all medals prior to purchase, and decide for yourself the grade.  I have placed a grade on many items, primarily as a pricing guideline.  I guarantee all items to be genuine and offer a full refund on any found to be otherwise.

I prefer your personal checks or postal money orders.  I minimize use of PayPal to keep my prices low.  If you must use PayPal, you may be charged extra for associated fees.  I ship most items upon receipt of your personal check/money order.  There may be a few days hold for checks to clear if item(s) purchased exceed $200.00, depending on our previous business relationship.
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"National Commemorative Medals of the United States Mint"
A comprehensive guide to United States Mint National Commemorative medals of the era 1954 to 1983 and more!
Second Edition - April 2012
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United States Mint National Commemorative Medals as classifed by Turner & Dean
Medals of the American Numismatic Association - UNDER CONSTRUCTION
So-Called Dollars
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