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Token & Medal Society
The Token and Medal Society, Inc. is an educational and non-profit organization devoted to furthering the exonumia field consisting of all forms of tokens, medals, badges and other items of a related nature.
World Exonumia
AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia.
A very interesting webiste with endless information and links.. A must see!!

So-Called Dollars
The Official So-Called Dollars Website...
A site intended to help collectors and dealers identify so-called dollars as listed in the major reference book So-Called Dollars by Hibler and Kappen.

A very well done site, with some fantastic information and awesome photography.
A must visit site if you are interesting in So-Called Dollars....

Another So-Called Dollars Website
Heraldic Arts Medals
A website by William Swoger on a series medals struck by Heraldic Arts

Medal Collectors of America
An interesting website with lots of infomation on various medals and many links to other medals sites!

"National Commemorative Medals of the United States Mint"

A comprehensive guide to United States Mint National Commemorative medals of the era 1954 to 1983 and more!

Second Edition - April 2012
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