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"National Commemorative Medals of the United States Mint"
A comprehensive guide to United States Mint National Commemorative medals of the era 1954 to 1983 and more!
Second Edition - April 2012
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The purpose of this site is to provide collectors information on the National Commemorative Medals struck by the United States Mint. This site primarily covers medals in the time period of 1954 to 1983, when the United States Mint was not striking commemorative coinage.

These are the "fill-gap" medals for those collecting United States Commemoratives. These are the "missing" commemoratives of that era. Coin, medal and exonumia collectors should find this book useful in identifying these medals and aiding in their collecting of these medals.
The United States Mint has struck National Medals from 1873 to date. This website intentionally covers only a small portion of that time frame (~1954 to 1983). Most of the medals shown on this site are considered very obtainable and collectible in today's marketplace. Many of these medals are extremely rare by "coin collecting" standards yet frequently available at a small fraction of the cost as compared to US coins of similar rarity.

Collectors should see for themselves what this marketplace has to offer.
My limited edition hardbound book on these medals is available for a very moderate price elsewhere on this website. Please check the tabs at the top of the page. A sample page of the book is available for your viewing online through this site. 

I welcome your comments and additional or updated information you may have available on any of these medals and would like to contribute to this effort. Enjoy!!
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